Our small group sessions run between 5 and 10 weeks, and are offered on a rolling basis…so make sure to come back often to check for new courses! Mentors create a class focus geared toward either craft elements or a particular writing skill. Not only are we affordable, but our classes offer a broad range of experiences that we know will unlock your potential as a writer.


Over sixteen hours, our Mentors will bring your students on a journey of self-discovery. Each session, students will learn a new aspect of the craft, and will have an opportunity to write and share. Students will be published in their very own portfolio. Schools will have an option for a Reading Showcase featuring their students. This is a great opportunity to show parents and community members the quality program that you invested in.



“I have really enjoyed working side by side with Lyn this spring. She is wonderful to all the students and has gotten students, three or four of the toughest students that we teach, to write on a regular basis. I look forward to working with Lyn in the future and I’m excited for the creative writing class to become an elective! This might have been the best set-up because these are the students who would normally not get an opportunity like the one that they are presented with this semester. It has been great working with Lyn and I highly recommend her.”

Mike Buttitta

“For the short time I’ve been alive, I was always scared to be who I was. Joining The Creative Writing Club in seventh grade opened my mind to a world of truthful expression: whether it be pain or happiness. Most of all, I’ve become part of a family of honest and understanding people, that I wouldn’t change for the world. I can not wait to see where we go from here!”

11th Grade

“Being a part of the Creative Writing Club has helped me grow into a stronger and better person. It’s what caused me to begin to transfer my emotions onto paper, and helped me become a more confident person. This club is the best thing that has happened in my life and I hope you jump at the opportunity to be a part of it.”

11th Grade

“This club made me discover myself and my love of writing years before I would have on my own. It teaches you that everything is inspiration: from the tree you just walked past, to the boy that broke your heart. This club will heal your heart; you only need a pen and an open mind.”

12th Grade

“Thank you for establishing The Creative Writing Club and making it available on the elementary level. At a time when the value of arts education is often questioned, it is all the more important to provide quality programs in the arts to our students. Writing can be an intimidating task for most people, particularly adults, but The Creative Writing Club helps young children to experience the fun in writing while serving to stimulate the imagination. Children learn the value of self-expression and develop an appreciation for the creative arts at a pivotal time in their development. Every child should be fortunate enough to have this wonderful opportunity in school.”

Luke Nawrocki
Principal - St. Joseph Catholic Academy

“The Creative Writing Club has had a major impact on me and my daughters. Because of The Creative Writing Club, not only have my daughters’ writing skills sharpened, but so did their confidence levels. They are able to express themselves through beautiful writing and just give me another reason to be proud.”


“Our son, a seventh grader, needed to write an essay as to why he wanted to participate in a Higher Achievement Program at a NYC Catholic High School summer program. What impressed us after reviewing our son’s essay was that it was clearly written with a level of maturity we had not expected. When we told my son how impressive his essay was, he gave credit to his time spent in the Creative Writing Club.”

John & Betty Lotardo

“Starting the Creative Writing Club in seventh grade has created a sense of community for me that is indescribable. It’s something that could never be replaced.”

11th Grade

“I have been a member of the Creative Writing Club for 5 amazing years. The club has strengthened my writing skills, broadened my perspective on the world, and allowed me to make unforgettable memories with friends I will cherish forever.”

11th Grade

“The Creative Writing Club has allowed me to open doors to places I never knew existed. I never thought I could write a decent story, let alone a simple poem; but this club allowed me to reach into my heart and it helped me pull the words out that I’ve been longing to say. I just wish that so many more kids and young adults could feel the same joy I feel when I’m writing and thinking about different ways to describe the simplest things in life. I am forever grateful to have been opened up to this beautiful world.”

12th Grade

What We Believe

The Creative Writing Club believes that writing is not just a hobby, but an essential skill that helps to increase self-confidence, self-awareness, and overall quality of life. Through our programs for young people and adults, we seek to foster the imagination and creativity of our students.

Our expert mentors will immerse students in all aspects of the writing craft while creating a positive, trusting atmosphere that promotes honest self-expression. We exist to help all people enrolled in our programs, both for schools and individuals, recognize their potential to become great writers, thinkers, and leaders.

About Us

The Creative Writing Club, Inc. has been serving students since January 2010. As a teacher in Astoria, our founder Brian Colomban had the opportunity to bring the joy of writing to young people, something he had dreamed of doing ever since his first Creative Writing workshop as an undergraduate student at Binghamton University.

After seven years, we have over one hundred students that have been a part of the club; and, many of the club’s “alumni” still meet with Brian a few times a year to continue their journey as writers.

Seeing our students grow as writers and knowing the joy the club has brought to their lives is what continues to drive us forward. With the help of our mentors,
The Creative Writing Club team is here to help children succeed!