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Changing the Face of Crime Fiction: 6 Writers of Color on Writing Mysteries, Crime Novels and Thrillers

By David Corbett Source: Writer’s Digest In a genre that has historically lacked diversity, six writers of color discuss overcoming the challenge of breaking in and the current climate for crime, mystery and thriller fiction. “It can be lonely. … And there have been times when I’ve retreated to my hotel room, emotionally exhausted from […]

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You’re Just Too Good to Be True: How to Make Your Protagonist’s Love Interest More Believable—Flaws and All

By Mindy McGinnis Source: Writer’s Digest In crafting fiction across genres, a perfect love interest is a tempting trap—and a trope. Writing flawed characters, even the one your protagonist is head-over-heels for, is a must. Here’s how to make the object of your character’s affection believable and lovable while avoiding clichés. Love interests aren’t restricted […]

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