Find Your Passion as a Writer: 6 Simple Steps

By Barrie Davenport

Source: Write to Done

By definition, writers are passionate creatures. Your days are spent huddled over a keyboard, tap tap tapping out portions of your soul and nuggets of your imagination. If you don’t truly love writing, it is darn near impossible to be a good writer.

As writers, we are among the fortunate few who are actually doing something we love. Yes there are struggles, both financial and personal. But we have the ability and talent to shape words into tangible expressions that can inspire, educate, and entertain. There is a real fulfillment and joy in that.

As much as we love the craft, part of our calling as writers should be to stretch ourselves beyond the calling to write. You can be a good writer by tapping into the passion of being a writer.

You can be an exquisite writer by tapping into the passion of being yourself.

Writing may define part of you, but it shouldn’t define all of you. You are a complex, multidimensional, ever-evolving individual. You owe it to yourself, to your craft, and to your readers to explore all of the nooks and crannies of who you are.

Let me present this scenario as an example. My daughter is a ballet dancer, and I have been around student and professional dancers for many years. An extremely talented student dancer is enchanting to watch. She is technically proficient and stunningly fluid and graceful.

An experienced professional dancer is rapturous and heart-wrenching to watch. Technical abilities and gracefulness are second nature. What shines through so poignantly is her soul.

You see her life experiences, joys, wounds, loves, and values, all played out before you. You see these emotions in the movements of her body, the myriad of expressions on her face, the subtleties of timing, and her invisible connection with the audience. It is pristine, exquisite, breathtaking.

Dancers and actors spend a lot of time exploring themselves to perfect their crafts. It is one thing to be a proficient dancer or actor. It is quite another to be an inspired and passionate artist. You must explore what is inside of you, draw it forth, and  infuse it into your role.

An inspired and passionate writer must do the same, for writing is an art as well.

Most of us are so busy with the business of writing that we have little time for rummaging around in our own lives to see what’s what.

However, if you don’t make the space and time to do this valuable work, you are tethering your writing to “just good enough.” You are walking past an untapped goldmine of inspiration that will buff the bright shine of authenticity, humanness, and raw emotion on your work.

So how does one go about poking around inside to find this passion? It takes a little time and work. It takes stepping away from busyness to look within. The deeper you dig, the greater the reward. In fact, the payoff can be tremendous. Along the way, you might learn things about yourself that will open amazing new doors of possibility and discovery for your work and your life.

From my own experience, I see this discovery work as a very strategic process. It is not always linear, but by following specific steps, you will leave no stone unturned to evolve into the passionate writer you were meant to be. Here are  five key steps to finding your passion.

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