How to encourage your child to take up creative writing

By Kartik Bajoria

Source: The Indian Express

As parents, we have a unique opportunity to provide a holistic, balanced upbringing for our children. While we create an environment at home and school that spurs academic excellence, we must also try and inspire children’s imagination and creativity. A wonderful way of doing this is to encourage children to be creative writers. Not only does creative writing make children better communicators, it presents a multitude of advantages.

A life skill

Creative writing can become an invaluable life skill that will aid your child in expressing his or her thoughts, both at school and later in several professional situations too. Effective communication is the bedrock of success in most spheres of life, and to give children a headstart on this skill can prove critical.

Being imaginative

While creative writing might begin as a hobby, certain children will display clear signs of being genuinely inventive writers. In a world where we need more people to become thinkers, writers and influencers, you as a parent, will be doing a service to not just your own child, but society at large, by nurturing writers of a younger generation.

Gaining confidence

If we can nurture our children to be good writers, they will soon find appreciation for their talent. And the moment they are acknowledged at home and at school for their writing skills, it will play directly into enhancing their self-confidence and self-worth. Too many children there days are struggling to carve a niche for themselves and writing can prove to be that one facet of their personalities that they are known and celebrated for.

A tool for wellbeing

In today’s over-competitive, high-pressure schooling environment, kids struggle to be noticed. They often find it hard to cope, to stand out, to be noticed, and to be validated at home and at school. Writing is a habit that can alleviate the stresses of modern-day childhood. Writing, as is well chronicled and acknowledged, is a form of therapy. If a child can imbibe the habit of writing regularly, not only will this be a creative vent, it can also prove to be a highly effective therapeutic tool.

There are, however, some myths that many of us as parents entertain when it comes to creative writing. We feel that unless our kids meet certain prerequisites, they do not make the cut. We need to therefore be aware of these myths and rid our minds of these notions.

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