Our Program

The Creative Writing Club believes that writing is not just a hobby, but an essential skill that helps to increase self-confidence, self-awareness, and overall quality of life. Through our programs for young people and adults, we seek to foster the imagination and creativity of our students. Our expert mentors will immerse students in all aspects of the writing craft while creating a positive, trusting atmosphere that promotes honest self-expression. We exist to help all people enrolled in our programs, both for schools and individuals, recognize their potential to become great writers, thinkers, and leaders.



Our small group sessions run between 5 and 10 weeks, and are offered on a rolling basis…so make sure to come back often to check for new courses! Mentors create a class focus geared toward either craft elements or a particular writing skill. Not only are we affordable, but our classes offer a broad range of experiences that we know will unlock your potential as a writer.


Over sixteen hours, our Mentors will bring your students on a journey of self-discovery. Each session, students will learn a new aspect of the craft, and will have an opportunity to write and share. Students will be published in their very own portfolio. Schools will have an option for a Reading Showcase featuring their students. This is a great opportunity to show parents and community members the quality program that you invested in.