8 Little-Known Tools to Double Your Productivity as a Writer

By Kristen Ford

Source: Write to Done

A note from the editor: Ever wanted to double your productivity as a writer? Most writers are familiar with various software designed to help us be more productive in one way or another. Obviously, Scrivener comes to mind. However, as a writer a ‘one solution fits all’ approach is rarely the best. Writers vary as much as readers do. So if you struggle with Scrivener, can’t make head or tails of Ulysses and your eyes glaze over at the mention of yWriter here are 8 little-known alternatives that might just double your productivity.

As a writer the most valuable resource you possess is time!

By managing time in the best possible manner,  you can free yourself from the stress of missed deadlines, whether writing for yourself or for a client.

However, there are a multitude of distractions that hinder your efficiency as a writer. To complete a project successfully, you want tools and software that can ease the writing process and enrich your work with greater creativity. Before finalizing your writing project, make sure your content is unique. You can check plagiarism by using this tool: https://searchenginereports.net/plagiarism-checker/ 

The time has gone when all a writer had at their disposal was a pen and paper. Now there is a bewildering choice of software available.  To help you navigate this minefield here is a list of 8 pro tools for creative writers.


Bibisco is easy to use software that facilitates writing stories and short scripts. It provides an efficient platform to compose novels of any category from fiction to nonfiction. It supports writers by offering them multiple formatting options and tools along with a huge gallery full of fonts to choose from.

The most effective features of the software is it’s ‘question’ mode. As  you begin your story it will ask you a series of questions related to your main character or plot. These questions will let you take a deeper look at your draft and help make your novel more interesting, realistic and engaging.

Bibisco also highlights some key points to give you a broader idea about your plot from pinpointing different locations to questioning the different traits of your characters. Bibisco itself is multi-lingual, allowing you to select Czech, French, German, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Serbian, Spanish or Turkish. The whole package is so intuitive you rarely need to dive into the comprehensive instruction manual.


Manuskript is one of the most interesting tools out there and is particularly useful for novel writers. The tool works on the famous snowflake methodology and assists writers in structuring the main foundation of their plot.

During the writing process, the tool guides you through key points and gives you an overview of progress from time to time to let you know that you are on the right track. This type of guidance may not be for everyone, but it does help you stay grounded and not get swept away with your imagination.

The snowflake method helps you write your novel through a unique step by step process. First, you have to think about the plot and then choose your characters. Once all of this initial planning in written into the document, the software will then use this information to help you write a well- structured, engaging novel.


oStorybook is one of the most helpful and efficient scriptwriting tools for professional writers. The aim of the software is to assist you in forming different elements of your plot so that you can identify problems at an early stage. It offers a hierarchical tree to make it easy for you to see all plots, sub-plots and characters in one place.

Apart from helping writers during the scriptwriting process, the tool also looks for writing flaws including miss spelling, poor grammatical sentences and other structural issues. It also lets you create a professional PDF of your novel with expert layouts and formatting features.

An external feature of the tool is that it also helps you manage and organize your various projects across platforms.

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