Randee Dawn, Mentor


Randee Dawn credits her stuffed animals for giving her the first inspiration to write.

That might give you an idea of how long she’s been telling stories – basically all of her life. Today she gets paid for her words by entertainment publications like Today.com, NBCNews.com, Variety, The Los Angeles Times and Emmy Magazine. In 2009, she published the definitive book on one of TV’s most popular series, The Law & Order: SVU Unofficial Companion, with co-author Susan Green.

But not-so-secretly, she’s still telling stories. Her fiction has been turned into podcasts on Well-Told Tales and published in outlets like 3AM Magazine and Eternity Online, and earlier this year she contributed to the anthology Angels of the Meanwhile. Some of her favorite speculative short fiction can be found in the book Home for the Holidays, and she has a rock ‘n’ roll urban fantasy, The Only Song Worth Singing, being sent around to publishing houses by her agent.

Her degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University is occasionally useful, though she’s also pleased to have a paralegal certificate from New York University.

She is thrilled to become a mentor this year at The Creative Writing Club. As her stuffed animals taught her many years ago, stories can come from anywhere and can also radically reshape the way you see the world. And that’s what she’s hoping to pass along to all the amazing, creative minds she’s lucky enough to work with.

You can find out more than you ever wanted to know about her at randeedawn.com