With help of a Girl Scout, Amesbury creative writing program brings dreams to page

By Carol Faingold

Source: Newbury Port

“Angel Rose is a dinosaur,” said eight-year-old Madison MacMillan of Salisbury. “She changes into different dinosaurs because she’s magical.” That power comes in handy when she’s playing hide and seek with her dinosaur brother and sister, who are not magical and cannot find her.

Angel Rose is just one character of many created at the 10-week Amesbury Public Library (APL) Creative Writing Workshop for incoming third to fifth graders.

“I like writing,” said Madison, who attends the workshop with her twin sister Bridget. “Angel Rose goes to watering holes with her family. I wrote it because my sister Bridget likes the pool and my little sister Charlotte likes dinosaurs.”

The Creative Writing Program is new to the Summer Reading program, according to APL Children’s Room Librarian Clare Dombrowski, and it’s all thanks to Amesbury High School senior Kaitlyn Levenson, who developed the program as her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

“My project is to create a Creative Writing Workshop for young children,” Levenson said, ” and the library was very onboard with this. I don’t call it a class. I’m not a teacher. I want to be a friend and a helper.

“My goal is to foster and encourage a love of creative writing, really just their imagination and whatever form that comes in. I had envisioned writing short fiction stories, but some children prefer to draw or write nonfiction and do research.”

Madison’s twin sister Bridget prefers drawing to writing. Her story is “Disney Pets,” a book about Disney princesses and their pets.

“I like drawing better than writing,” Bridget said. “It’s fun.”

Ten-year old Sophie Himmel of Amesbury is writing about Caroline Kennedy.

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